• Musings at Kuari Pass
    We saw this unending herd of sheep luxuriously grazing on the not so lush slopes leading to Kuari Pass. It is always a soothing experience to walk through myriads of sheep, listening to their asymmetrical bleating. The best amidst it all is the odd ...
  • treks in IndiaTreks in India you should not miss in 2018
    Well, a new year has just rolled up! This twenty-first century’s eighteenth installment has plenty of surprises stored up for us. From the expected list of all the mind-blowing happenings of 2018, today we will check out the surprises for the ...
  • Tales from the adventure sport corners of India
    September 2016 – Birds of a feather flock together It was a warm breezy afternoon outside my Mumbai office. For a guy who spends most of his time day-dreaming in office, watching TV and travelling in a cab or commercial plane. There is always this ...


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