code of ethics

Team4adventure has been built on the pillars of high code of ethics. Honest and transparent dealings, integrity and willingness to take on challenges are natural behavior for us, and is displayed in all our interactions with our guests, as well as our interactions with our staff or any associate.

Our website is usually the first contact point for our guests with us. We try to create our first impressions very honestly and transparently. As the correspondence progresses we make complete effort in understanding the requirements and propose only those tours that are best suited. Once a guest query converts to a tour participant, through constant dialogue, we start to learn more and more about the guests in terms of their expectations, food habits etc. All this information helps us to make small customizations to the tour, which make big difference in the experience.

As the tour comes to its end, we would have made great friends out of our guests, and we often get lot of referrals from them as well as repeat participation.

  • Our website contains complete and elaborate information about the various tours that we operate. All information on an tour’s web-page, contributes to a better understanding of the tour in terms of its expectations and its deliverable.
  • All our tours have their prices clearly published on their web pages. The inclusions and exclusions clearly define the deal, leaving nothing in doubt. The prices are constant for everyone, whether Indians, or foreigners. There are no hidden charges of any kind or false projections.
  • We would honor all our commitments that we make directly or through the medium of our website or email correspondence.
  • We often go out of our way to ensure that the promised deliverable is met, at times even in adverse conditions.
  • We limit the number of guests that are enrolled for a tour to ensure personalized attention to each participant, and to be able to provide a good overall exclusive experience.
  • At the end of the tour, we take feedback from our guests spanning various aspects of the tour. This helps us to improve on our operations and also lets us know about our strengths and weaknesses.
  • Our key motto for our operations is – We offer an experience, and not a packaged tour.