eco friendlyWe love nature, and we love being in natural places and being eco friendly in whatever we do. Later we like sharing the experiences of the places that we have been to, and we invite our guests to enjoy what we have enjoyed.

When we conduct our expeditions and tours, we are venturing into zones which are natural and have been less explored. The memories that we and our guests bring back are exotic and lifelong. However we take care that we do not leave any memories of our presence in the places that we have visited.

Conservation of nature, is an attribute that we always like to spread among our staff, our guests and the local people of the regions that we visit. We lead by example, and have established a guideline which we all strictly follow.

We try to follow the leave no trace ( LNT ) approach as far as possible in all our operations.

  • Our entire promotions, marketing, and sales cycle is completely online. We rely very minimally on paper based marketing like posters, visiting cards, brochures etc. In case we do use these approaches, then we take care that our activities do not deface or distort any surrounding.
  • We use fresh vegetables and provisions purchased from local markets.This not only results in better tasting meals with variety of local produce, but also contributes to the economy of the region. We try to minimize use of packaged food.
  • We discourage use of bottled mineral water. On tours where we need to provide bottled mineral water, we encourage mineral water refilling from water dispensers fitted with bulk packaged mineral water. On tours where carrying bottled water is not possible, we would use professional grade micro filters like Katadyne, or we provide boiled and treated water which is collected and filtered from clean water sources.
  • All waste that gets created on our tours is brought back to the base and disposed in the best possible eco-friendly manner. A waste collecting bag is a compulsory feature on our trips. We also educate our staff and guests not to litter and ensure that all waste is brought to this central waste bin on each day of our trip.
  • We encourage our guests to progressively use group travel in various parts of the tour. This not only reduces carbon footprint, but is also the best way to share experiences and make new friends.