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Why Should You Embrace an Adventure?

Joy Mandhotra

November 3, 2018

We Humans started as animists, we hunted our food down. Fought for our place on Earth with anyone or anything possible. Be it fellow Sapiens or different species like Neanderthals, Homo Erectus, Denisovans or different beings altogether. During all these battles for food, survival and identity, sapiens were so closely attached to nature. They respected their prey as they were aware it is giving away its life for their survival. Life back then was about explorations and adventures. Until the day we started planting and cultivating our own food. Once we shifted from being animists to foragers, our adventure started becoming less. The connect with nature started fading away.

Today, we’ve built safe havens for us. Everything runs on a piece of code and the only connect we have with nature is that on a yearly vacation at a beach or mountains. Our primal instincts of venturing into the unknown, of embracing new adventures still forms an integral part of our beings but lies dormant. Our lives are steered by governments and corporate houses. Large chunks of our lives are spent living for such conglomerates. At our 9 – 5’s (5 is actually 9) we are not ourselves. Cometh Wednesday and our brains start pondering over weekend escapes. Which again is the most natural of actions.

This urge to escape your workplace, to go to a peaceful secluded place comes from our innate qualities as sapiens. Nature is or has always been meant to be the core element of our being. By constantly living amidst concrete jungles we have set that element aside. The consequences of which are stress, depression and the list is just growing by the day. All we need as sapiens is a blue sky, fresh air, starry nights and adventures to ride on. We need to strike a balance between our workplace and our connect with nature or else we’ll curb our natural instincts to the extent of making them extinct.

Why embrace an adventure?


We’ve digressed way longer than we planned to but it was crucial to throw light on our roots. So the matter of discussion is “Why Say ‘Hi’ to Adventures?” 


  • The primary reason is the fact that most of the adventures find themselves closely associated to nature. To be honest in this urban age, we are far off from nature. Imagine the trivial things that we get excited for. Things like buying a plant or a walk in the park. things which are insignificant but made to appear large due to the lack of nature around us. So if you’re riding a MTB in the mountains, paddling down a river or climbing a rock, you’re in sync with nature. You are very ‘sapien like’ in that moment.


  • Adventures increase self awareness. Doing things that you never thought you could do, brings new perspectives. Once you overcome that initial fear and throw yourself out in the wind, you’ll realize that you are capable of much more. Adventure involves risk and once you embark upon something with risk attached, your senses get honed, you are more aware of yourself. In that moment your thoughts are pure, you don’t think of the past or future, you’re in the moment. You’re connected with yourself. When you return back to your office after an adventure travel vacation, you’ll feel much more relaxed; and all the more confident.


  • The sense of accomplishment that comes with adventures is the most natural feeling. You’ve been hiking for hours to reach that mountain top, and once you finally make it to the top it’ll be special. Doesn’t matter if you summit a peak or just climb a hill, the sense of achievement is always there. Setting adventure goals and meeting them can render you with euphoric feelings which are bound to stay with you for a while!


  • Workout; Adventure travel can be demanding. It requires a certain level of fitness depending on the nature of the adventure. It is as much a psychological test as physical. So if your fitness levels are not up-to the mark and you embark upon an adventure, you’ll return home wanting to get fitter and stronger. The workout bit hence is not limited to the time you are adventuring but it stays with you.


  • A person grows with adventure. Not only does he value his life more but also understands the importance of nature in our lives. Adventurers, explorers are not just like any other tourist. They respect their surroundings, understand the consequences of meddling with nature and do their bit to help society. You’ll come across so many climbers, whitewater kayaking champions etc who strive to bring change. They take up cleaning, educating campaigns to ensure that we’re headed in the right direction.


In the recent past, India has seen a boom in the adventure industry and there is a rising number of adventure activities on offer. From land to air or water, there are quite a few quality adventure sports. More importantly these days people spend time educating themselves and training for adventures. For instance checkout this whitewater kayaking school where students are imparted with the skill before actually launching into big waves. Similarly there are institutes for climbing as well. This government institute offers climbing courses for beginners and intermediates although there are long waiting lists.


This article shall make even more sense post your embracing an adventure. So the next time you plan a vacation, try and make it an adventurous one!

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