This is perhaps one of the most important aspects of a successful tour. When you are a guest with us on any of our tours or expeditions, you can rest assured of excellent food and hygiene, prepared by experienced chefs.

We have always maintained to offer finger licking and nutritious food, even in the most adverse conditions.

We extensively discuss the food habits, and dietary allergies if any, with our guests prior to the trip departures. Based on these inputs, and our own experience of providing meals on adventure tours in limited conditions, we prepare a customized menu for the tour.

Take a look at some of the notes that we keep in mind to maintain good quality food and hygiene.

  • We use fresh vegetables and other ingredients, and all meals are prepared fresh. Packaged food is used only as a backup or in unforeseen situations.
  • We procure fruits, vegetables and other perishable products locally, to ensure some local variance to the menu, as well as to retain the freshness till they are prepared.
  • The menu is prepared with inputs from discussions with guests, and meals are planned keeping in mind the nutrition factor, as well as preparation time limitations depending on the day schedule of the tour.
  • All packaged dry ration is screened for expiry dates before their use.
  • On tours where mineral water is possible to be provided, we offer bulk package bottles with water dispensers, and guests can refill their bottles as per need. Use of smaller packaged drinking water bottles is discouraged as far as possible to reduce the carbon footprint of our tour.
  • On tours where it is not possible to carry mineral water, we provide water collected from clean streams, filtered using professional filter systems from Katadyne, further it is boiled and if needed chemically treated with water purifying tablets.
  • All left over rations from a tour is distributed among the porters and support staff like horsemen.
  • Toilet facilities are always provided as tented arrangements. Usually it is a dry pit arrangement fitted with a folding toilet seat on the top, thus rendering it clean and comfortable. Toilet paper is provided. All forest norms are followed in establishing the toilet pits, and before leaving a camp site the pits are properly closed.