Kayaking Club

It has been our constant endeavor to promote whitewater kayaking lifestyle in India. After successfully having established a closely connected community of paddling enthusiasts over the years, we are now launching an exclusive kayaking club for whitewater kayaking in India. We aspire to inculcate and nurture the passion for whitewater kayaking and build a close knit like-minded community to run whitewater rivers more and more often. Through this kayaking club we wish to enable our members to paddle more than what they are able to do today.

You may have learnt whitewater kayaking from anywhere, and you may be at any skill level.

If you are not yet initiated to the awesome lifestyle of whitewater kayaking, take up whitewater kayaking lessons from us.

₹ 18,000
10 day-trips on Ganges
FREE Accommodation
15% OFF on all tours/expeditions
₹ 30,000
20 day-trips on Ganges
FREE Accommodation
25% OFF on all tours/expeditions


  • The membership Expires after 365 days from the start date and would need to be renewed at the prevailing prices to continue enjoying the benefits.
  • The Membership entitlements are non-transferable, and benefits are available for the member himself/herself.
  • GST of 5% will be levied as additional on the membership fee


  • Non A/c dormitory style accommodation at our Kayak school ( or equivalent ) would be provided free of charge for all the kayaking day-trips that are entitled to the member.
  • The accommodation is provided on bed only basis, and meals would be charged additionally @ INR 500/- for each day of kayaking ( all meals ).
  • No compensation of any kind is possible in case the member decides to procure accommodation elsewhere.


  • Additional to the kayaking day-trips entitlement, members are offered discounted rates for unlimited participation to any tour/expedition operated by TEAM 4 ADVENTURE.
  • The discount is available for only the member’s participation.
  • Discounts cannot be combined with any ongoing deal.


  • Members are entitled to a fixed number of kayaking day-trips on the Ganges.
  • If the day-trips are not consumed within the membership period, they are considered to have expired.
  • If all day-trips are consumed, additional day-trips can be purchased as discounted tours.
  • Member needs to book the required kayaking day-trips at least 15 days in advance.
  • A confirmation would be conveyed from TEAM 4 ADVENTURE if the day-trip is available/possible.
  • A day-trip once confirmed cannot be cancelled.

Kayaking day-trips on Ganges imply :

  • Eskimo roll practice sessions at Rishikesh barrage
  • Brahmpuri to Rishikesh ( class II )
  • Garud Chatti to Rishikesh ( class II+ )
  • Byasi to Shivpuri ( Class III )
  • Shivpuri to Rishikesh ( Class III )
  • Kaudiyala to Marine Drive/Malakunti ( Class III+ )

For any queries/clarifications contact [email protected]