Kayaking Course Photos : 2017-1

We opened our post monsoon Whitewater Kayaking season on the 21-Sep-2017 with a four days Kayaking course. The enthusiastic students underwent the drills and the usual thrills and spills of this amazing sport, braving a spate of bad weather that brought incessant rain.


Due to heavy rains in the higher reaches of the Himalayas the river had swollen up on the last day of the course and we had to abort the session of the final day. Despite the damp weather we all had an amazing time.

Our participating students : Kushal Panjwani, Rohan Agnihotry, Prashant Rajawat and Jerin Paul.

Check out few of our photos from this course.

If you wish to take up such a course too, do check out our Kayaking Course for Beginners.

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