Top Health Benefits of Kayaking

Seeking a weekend gateway? Something with a blend of adventure, recreation and peace? Kayaking is just about it. All you need is a kayak and a lake or a river. Sitting in the kayak gives you a different perspective of the surrounding landscape. Drifting smoothly on the waters, you feel close to nature. You can hear the passing breeze, feel the vibe and serenity that evades you on weekdays. While gliding your kayak in white waters, you can experience some adrenaline as well.

Kayaking conditions your mind and body.

Well all that is in itself reason enough to catch hold of a kayak and start paddling. Although kayaking is  not just a mode of recreation or adventure. It is a sport that conditions your body and mind. Kayaking like many other sports has various health benefits.

Here is a list of the top health benefits of Kayaking

health benefits of kayaking

Body Strengthening 

Moving a kayak in the water requires effort. When ever you make a paddling stroke, almost all your body muscles come into the picture. Kayaking regularly will strengthen your back, shoulders, core and legs considerably.

Reduce Stress

A gentle breeze wafts past you while you admiringly stare at the different hues around. The blues of the sky mottled in white and grey, the clear green water, the swaying tree and much more. Amidst a landscape emanating peaceful bliss you cannot be experiencing any stress. Paddling a kayak once a week can be a great stress buster.

Body Toning

Kayaking is a strenuous sport. Usually paddling 3-4 hours can help you get rid of around 400 calories. Paddling engages all your body parts and as a result its not just random fat loss but symmetrical toning of your body. Most importantly an unconventionally fun way to lose weight.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is tough to find in foods. Majority of our Vitamin D intake is through the rays of Sun. Vitamin D is an essential nutrient to maintain phosphorus and calcium levels in our bodies. Hence a long day with your kayak can be a bonus.

Self Motivation & Confidence

Paddling in the face of giant white water rapids can deliver a huge sense of achievement. Overcoming obstacles and challenges of such magnitude enables a person to trust his capabilities. It empowers him to push his limits and increases his confidence. A person who paddles long distance develops grit and determination and a sense of mind to tackle hard situations.

A Solid Core

Every fitness enthusiast or sportsperson work really hard to develop a rock solid core. Core is the most vital part of the body. Having 6 pack abs might be cool but it doesn’t actually corroborate the presence of a strong core. While paddling one has to maintain his centre of gravity and balance. The upper body is in continuous motion, while the lower body although less dynamic is under great force. It is majorly the lower body that balances you on the kayak. This pattern of movement is a great exercise for your abdomen.

Better functioning of the Heart

Kayaking is a cardiovascular exercise. It involves use of large muscles in a repetitive fashion, activating muscle fibers programmed for endurance and utilizing a heart rate range anywhere from 40 to 85 percent of your maximum heart rate. Thereby ensuring a healthy heart.

So a fun, adventurous, tranquil and healthy kayaking world awaits you. Get your kayak, embrace your paddles; It’s time to roll.

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