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Kodachadri Trek

Mridu Bhatnagar

September 14, 2018


This one word. And the only thing which use to come in mind “Adventure is Dangerous”. One line was enough to hold back. Fear of unknown so strong that reply to every opportunity on the way, a firm No.

Fortunately, crossed paths with people who practice this passionately. Inspired by the way they lead their lives, coupled with one TED talk titled ‘To raise brave girls, encourage adventure’, the tagline of Team4Adventure ‘Life is passing by, get outdoors’, ‘One Life….’. Perspective switch. ‘Will not’ changed to ‘Come what may I must do it’.


Every experience outdoors has been a memorable one. Each of it has brought one step closer in knowing thyself. One such amazing experience first solo weekend trek. Kodachadri is one of the peaks in the western ghats. Kodachadri Base is near around 400 kms away from Bangalore in Shimoga district of Karnataka. Approximate distance to be trekked, 16kms.

Day 0

Finally, after braving the mind and following the heart. 10:00 PM, 24th August on a Friday night.    I boarded the bus. Met around 10-13 other members with whom I was going to ascend the peak. Only few were solo, while rest had there own known circle of friends. During the bus journey we had quick introductions, reason behind going for the trek, previous trek experiences if any. Each of us had a story to share.

Day 1

One of the most beautiful mornings I woke up to. 25th August, Saturday around 5:00-6:00 am. Amidst western ghats. All I saw outside of the window was lush green surroundings away from the concrete jungles, voice of birds could be distinctly heard unlike the usual honking. Tall green coconut trees. Enroute so picturesque. Only the eyes could capture. The not so smart, phone gave up even before the start of trek.

All geared up we reached the homestay at 7:00am-8:00 am. An hour or two in hand. Breakfast, all set to start the trek from the base. Walked a kilometre to reach the base. Here, we were provided with power pack which included some items for instant energy, along with packed lunch which we carried to the top in our backpacks.

Around 2 kms of walk through the dense forest, noise of flowing water through the mountains could be heard. A stream had to be crossed.

Stream crossing

On way to Hidlumane waterfall
On our way to reach Hidlumane Waterfall

‘Tough roads lead to most beautiful destinations’. What followed was seeing one of the major attractions of the trek, the Hidlumane Waterfall.

Hidlumane falls
Hidlumane falls

To stand right under the waterfall we had to make our way out through these big rocks. Being mindful about were I place the feet. Finally, I was there right under the waterfall. Having the time of my life.

Enthusiastic to reach the peak, drenched in cold water we resumed the journey again. Until we reached our next point. A village hut were we had fresh buttermilk, saw a farmland. All we talked about was how mesmerizing the fall was.

On way Kodachadri Trek

Nature from so close for the very first time in life. Energised with the homemade drink instead of the usual tetrapack. Charged up, we headed towards the peak. Gradually, the ascends became more steep. We were so close yet so far. Everything around was beautiful. Instead of thinking, looking up and giving a glance to the intimidating peak again. Looked down, focus was on one step at a time. However challenging the road ahead is. If not immediately, eventually we do reach places we want to. Climbed the ascend which appeared to be intimidating from a distance. The view around was most scenic.

Kodachadri Trek

It was already 3-4 hours post the start of our journey. Amount of effort to ascend the steep slope was significantly more. All we waited for was to take a break, fill the hungry stomach. Had lunch right at the top. Made sure to keep the surroundings as beautiful, clean as they were.

One peak done. I thought this is it. This is our destination. Certainly, it was not. More distance to be traversed. The up’s, the down’s, narrow paths where there was nothing to hold on to on my left. While some plants on the right. All I was doing was following the trail. Left was something I had decided to not look at. Focus, one step at a time. Crossed.

More hours trekking. Living the journey. Slight drizzle, the green surroundings soon got covered with white clouds. Sudden change from clear weather to clouds. We missed out seeing the sunset. Nothing less. Each of us made it to the top. Happiness had no bounds. First time I saw clouds below the peak. There is an old temple as well at the Kodachadri Peak.

Before the dark we had to reach the homestay. Descent was a safe yet adventurous jeep ride. By 7:00 PM we were at the homestay. Happy and tired after the trek. Seemed there was nothing which could stop. Even after a tiring day we had campfire under the full moon at the homestay.

During the trek. Anything and everything looks like worth capturing. One even ends up clicking the insects.

Day 2

Time to go back to the everyday grind had come. In order to reach Bangalore on time we had to leave from the homestay at around 8:00 am. On the way we visited Nagara Fort. From some  place at the Nagara Fort. The view on the other side was ….

Nagara Fort
Nagara Fort

There can be N reasons to stop. Sometimes, even one suffices to overpower the rest. A switch from No to a Yes. Has resulted in an unforgettable experience of seeing a changed self. Journey’s teach some very very important life lessons which are often overlooked in the quest to reach the next destinations.

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