This privacy policy applies to all products, services and websites which are owned by TEAM 4 ADVENTURE, and its affiliates. We at TEAM 4 ADVENTURE, understand the importance and sanctity of any personal information that may be collected by us from our participants, guests, and visitors on our website. Further we describe our policy relevant to the security of such information.

Information Sharing and Security
TEAM 4 ADVENTURE, does not share any personal information with any affiliate or alliance. Only authorized personnel have access to databases containing personal information. During an expedition, tour or excursion, we may share emergency contact numbers, or any information which may be needed for coordination and/or safety of the participants. This information would be limited to the minimum requirements of the aforesaid purpose, and would be shared with responsibility.

Information collected by us:

Newsletter Subscriptions
If a user desires to subscribe to our newsletter, he/she would need to provide an email address. A confirmation email is sent to the email address provided, and the email address is subscribed only when the user confirms this information.

Each Newsletter of ours provides a compulsory unsubscribe link in its footer, which enables the user to stop receiving the newsletter if it is so desired.

Registration for a product
During confirmation of purchase for a tour, service or product, we may require personal data of each participant. This information is used to prepare disclaimer forms, and also is kept in our records for future reference. Email addresses provided during any enquiry or booking, are sent the Newsletter automatically, and they have the provision to unsubscribe if they do not wish to receive these.

Credit Card Information
No credit card information is collected at our website. If any user desires to use his/her credit card, or online banking services, to purchase any product or services of ours, the transaction is transferred to the secure server website of the concerned bank or financial institution. We partner with financial institutions which provide internationally recognized level of security for such transactions.