Safety First

Safety firstWe prioritize on safety and encourage and suitably outfit our guests to be able to venture right till the edge of all adventure activities that we conduct. At the same time, we understand that not every guest may be physically or psychological adaptable to harsh unforgiving conditions that can arise in the remote outdoors where communication or medical facilities are severely limited if at all present.

Safety is the first and foremost priority for us. Each expedition of ours, starts fully equipped with capability of handling adverse conditions with suitable backup plans.

We take this opportunity to summarize our safety concerns, and how we address these, so that when you do a trip with us you can feel confident that you are in safe hands.

    • All our expeditions are operated by us directly, and we take complete responsibility of our guests. The trip leader from our core team would oversee any external vendor component like transportation, hotels/guest houses and similar.
    • The gear that you use on our trips is owned by us, and we take responsibility of its upkeep and reliable functioning. We are completely in tune with our gear; regular maintenance and scrutiny keeps our equipment in top condition.
    • All our river expeditions are supported by safety kayaks. Our river guides are highly experienced and possess international certifications for white water rescue (WRT). All rivers are scouted before an expedition is planned on them. In our free time, we often run internal training programmes and expeditions to constantly improve the team‘s skill level and awareness.
    • For our trekking tours, we establish a backup strategy by keeping a copy of all our tour details, schedule, guest list and route plan with a reliable and experienced person at the nearest base town/village. In situations of adverse weather conditions or unplanned delays in our tour, this person is capable of kicking off the support plan.
    • Each aspect of our expedition/tour is carefully planned out, with detailed reconnaissance and considerable inputs from local sources. A lot of effort goes into smoothing out doubtful possibilities and only after all this, a tour/expedition is presented forth as an itinerary. Our guests can take confidence in our plans, as we would have taken out the pitfalls to give the best experience.
    • A comprehensive medical kit is a vital inclusion on any expedition that we conduct. Apart from the comprehensive kit, there are additional compact kits which are kept in quicker access. Our team is trained in first aid/CPR, and each member can effectively use the medical kit.
    • We promote and facilitate the use of technology and experience to substantially improve our safety parameters. Walkie-talkie sets, GPS, high resolution maps, weather forecasts and personal heuristics from experienced trip leaders are all put together to maintain a high safety standard.

We take pride in our safety standards which we have built over a period of time, and we hope to instill good confidence in our guests when they choose to do a trip with us.