Tour Arrangements

When you are doing your adventure tour with TEAM 4 ADVENTURE, you can rest assured about well thought of tour arrangements to ensure a safe and very satisfying experience.

Following are some of the standard arrangements on our tours:

Trekking/climbing tours – On most treks we organize the transfer of luggage of guests by porters or alternatives such as mules. Guests would walk with their smaller day backpack which would carry their day essentials like water bottle, packed lunch, trail snacks, gloves, cameras etc. Guests are equipped with retractable walking sticks/trekking poles, snow gaiters and any other technical gear as per the need of the trail/season.

On certain treks and mountaineering kind of trips, we may require the guests to carry their complete gear for part or entire trail. On certain treks we are also introducing Do-It-Yourself style of camping and cooking to give a more extensive experience. If the nature of the trip is like this, then we would very clearly explain this upfront so that there are no surprises.

Rafting/Kayaking tours/expeditions – All our expeditions are self supported by cargo boats which transfer all our camping gear and rations. Safety kayaks are also a necessary inclusion. Guests are equipped with very good safety gear like life jackets/helmets. Additionally we provide wet suits, neoprene booties and splash jackets as per the season and nature of the expedition. For our kayaking courses and trips we outfit our participants with most suited kayaks as per their sizing and they would use these boats throughout the period of their trip.

Common arrangements that apply to most of our tours are :

Transfer of guests is clearly explained in various tours as start point and end points. This would help one to understand the extent of our services so that if anything is required additionally it can be discussed well in time.

A mobile tented kitchen with complete cookware, rations and manpower. We try to provide freshly cooked nutritious meals with least usage of packaged food. Suitable crockery is provided for a comfortable dining experience in the outdoors.

A mess tent is provided where all guests can sit together and spend time in the evenings or during layover days. All meals are served in the mess tent, where one is protected from the elements and can eat in comfort and relaxed manner. Stools are provided. Meals are served in buffet manner.

Guests are provided with good quality nylon dome tents that are spacious. Rubber ground mats and sleeping bags are provided along with fleece liners/comforters.

All tours are equipped with first aid kits, walkie talkies, experienced manpower, support vehicles and english speaking guides.