Treks in India you should not miss in 2018

Well, a new year has just rolled up! This twenty-first century’s eighteenth installment has plenty of surprises stored up for us. From the expected list of all the mind-blowing happenings of 2018, today we will check out the surprises for the trekkers. In 2018 let us aspire to go for treks in India which are away from the grasps of commercialization and chaos.

Trekking is the time where you expect to be at your tranquil best. The time where you let go of all the chaos that does not elude you in cities. It is a spiritual experience blended with tones of adventure and thrill. It is hard to compute the experience of trekking in few words. And, only a trekker can narrate the hazy experience of a trek. That’s why to bring out some of your trekking memories, we have computed the data regarding #treks in 2018.

treks in India

Treks in 2018 that you ought to go to are  some extraordinarily unconventional routes that are as of now far from the clutches of commercialization. The trekking routes will be welcoming travelers in 2018 and will embrace them in their astonishing beauty. So here is our list of the top treks in India for the year 2018.

Tso Moriri Lake Trek 

Okay, so trekkers do you want to explore stunning trekking route embedded with wispy paths and outlandish beauty? Then, immediately book 10 days trekking trip to the Tsomoriri Lake Trek now. Well, the Tsomoriri lake trek held plenty of surprises for you, such as;

Trek in 2018

  • The trek is spread over 120 kilometers, with the high tend beauty of India’s highest altitude lake. This serene lake is thoroughly located in India, so you can easily visit this ladhakih gem.
  • In this trek, you can explore seven wonderful mountain peaks plus more than 10 rivers. In short, you will never be bored as on every step new amazing views welcome you.
  • Well, the difficulty level of the Tsomoriri lake trek in India is on the higher side. But, the widespread deserted land makes the all hard work worthwhile.

Pangarchulla Peak Trek 

Well, if you are a fan of petrified mountain peaks dusted with a white hue, then the Uttarakhand Pangarchulla Trek is for you. This trek revolves around the dazzling Garhwal region’s scurry plains. Apart from the great Nanda Devi view, numerous other epic views are available at the Pangarchulla trek. From various treks in India of the same difficulty level, Pangerchulla offers way more. It is because by the end of it you would have climbed a peak.Treks in india in 2018

  • This trek takes you to the 15,069 ft above the sea level. So, you can imagine the view from such a height, and moreover, this trekking route is of moderate difficulty level. That means new trekkers can try it.
  • The scenery changes very rapidly in this trek. As one minute, you are gazing at the vast grassland. And, another minute you get stuck with the white flakes of snow.
  • The peaks on which your eyes can feast on during the trek are Mt.Nanda Devi, Chaukhamba, Dunagiri, Hathi Parbat, Ghori Parbat and more.

Pin Bhaba Pass Trek

Pin Bhaba Pass Trek in India can be fictionalized as a glamorous yet subtle trek. Compared to many other treks in India, this trek offers mystical and steeply diverse views. The large green land covered with a variety of flora and fauna of Himachal Pradesh can be experienced from the Pin Bhaba Pass Trek.

Trek in 2018

  • This trek is at a demanding altitude of the 16000 ft. Well, if you want some heights, then with the Pin Bhaba Pass Trek you got them.
  • There you get the amazing green piece of land, where you can camp or can gaze at the stars during night time. The serene shade of green provides the optimum level of peace and is nothing less than bliss.
  • Also, the grand shift of landscape view will render you awestruck. The trail starts from the lush grasslands of Kinnaur. On the first two days, you’re surrounded by thick forests of silver birch, oak, and pine. And, then suddenly brown valleys will engulf you on another end of the pass.

Dayara Bugyal Trek 

The meadows surrounded by myriads of oak trees lapped with the lazy snow can be explored in the Dayara Bugyal trek. Dayara is a paradise with slopes ranging from gentle to steep. It is probably the best places in India to ski at.Trekking Dayara Bugyal

  • This is one of best beginner treks in India. The trek to one of India’s best meadows is something you just can’t miss. The views of Bandarpunch Range along the major part of the trek is just out of the world.
  • The steep slopes of the region are very well sculptured for the ski diving purpose. And, that’s why the government is investing huge sums to make it an alternative for the Auli.

Har Ki Dun Trek 

The alluring beauty of the Har Ki Dun area is quite unknown yet. But, in the last few years, the place has started witnessing a considerable footfall. This trek can transfer you to the land of Gods in few steps.

Trek in 2018
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  • Well, Har Ki Dun is located in the states of peaks Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand. The moderate difficulty level of trek completes at 11700 ft.
  • In this trek, you wander from the different villages of Himachal Pradesh and explore their lifestyle. The artistic architect of the villages and unique wooden construction of houses can really mortify you.
  • The final view of the Har Ki Dun trek is utterly an amazing and breathe taking site. It is nothing less than the doorways to heaven.

Phew! Right, so folks, now we don’t have much to say to you. Just pack your bags and get ready to trek in 2018.

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