When you set out to look for a service provider for the trip that you have been contemplating to undertake, there is no dearth of outfitters who can offer the same. Choosing one can be confusing and often a tiring task. The operator you decide upon, can greatly shape the experience that you would get from your tour.

There are a lot of convincing reasons which would contribute to your decision of choosing “TEAM 4 ADVENTURE” as your preferred adventure travel outfitter.

TEAM 4 ADVENTURE is known for its
– Impeccable safety record
– Eco-sensitive approach
– Personalized experience to guests
– State of the art equipment
– Very competent, committed and cohesive team
– Excellent cuisine
– Capability to run trips in remote and difficult regions
– Ensuring safety and comfort of guests in adverse conditions

We take this opportunity to appraise our offering as follows:

  • We operate all trips ourselves, and take direct responsibility of our guests right from their safety, comfort to the experience that they would take back with them.
  • All our river trips are supported by safety kayaks, and highly experienced river guides. With the confidence of safety backup, we are able to run challenging rapids for everyone, which otherwise might have been needed to be walked by some guests.
  • On our treks and rafting expeditions, apart from the two men expedition dome tents, that we provide, we use mess shelters/tents to enable comfortable lounging around even in deep wilderness.
  • Our tours are supported by kitchen facilities, chefs and helping staff to provide hygienic and freshly prepared meals at all times. All our cooking infrastructure is specially customized for outdoors, and staff is experienced in preparing nutritious and tasty meals even with limited resources, and at times in adverse conditions.
  • We operate our tours in eco-sensitive manner and constantly tutor our staff and guests in maintaining this approach, in every aspect of our tour.
  • We patronize responsible tourism, and contribute to the economy and well being of the local people in the regions that we visit during our tours.
  • We understand and greatly value, the importance of your time and money which you are investing for your adventure holiday. Hence, we leave no stones upturned, and often go out of our way to ensure that you get the best experience from your adventure trip with us, trip after trip.
  • We maintain a very good word of mouth, and a large fraction of our guests are repeat customers for our adventure trips, which talks a lot about the customer satisfaction and delight. Take a look at our “Guest Speaks” section to know what some of our guests have to say.