Fixed Departures

Fixed Departures is a great way of making an adventure tour logistically easier, safer and a lot more fun. Most adventure tours are resource intensive, and may not stay viable for a very small group or individual participants.

If you an individual or a small group looking for an adventure tour we recommend you to join one of our fixed departure tours, and meet more like minded people to share your experience with.

Our fixed departure dates for various tours are planned in the best time of the season for them. These are published along with the itinerary on the web page of the tour. The fixed departure dates are announced well in advance.

We do not operate too many trip departures for any particular kind of tour. We maintain this policy in order to conserve the exclusivity of the natural resources and to allow them to replenish themselves. Keeping this in mind, we request our guests to plan their travels well in advance so that they can avail confirmations.

Our fixed departure tours

    • Help to bring individual travelers together, for a viable group travel
    • Are placed in the best time of the season to offer the best experience
  • Get like minded people together, to share the experience, and to make new friends

If you find a tour interesting, but you do not see a fixed departure for it, then you are welcome to contact us for the same. Many of the tours can be customized for small groups. If the request is well in advance, then we can also consider placing a new fixed departure and invite other guests into that tour.