Our Equipment

All equipment that you would use on our trips is owned by us, and we take responsibility of its reliability and suitability. We have a strong inventory of quality equipment from internationally well known brands. All the equipment going on a trip is inspected before and after the trip, and any faulty gear would not find its way to the field.

With regular inspection and maintenance, we ensure that our gear stays in top performing conditions at all times.

    • On our river trips, we provide top of the line self bailing whitewater rafts.
    • All river trips are supported by safety kayaks.
    • All river expeditions are outfitted with professional grade dry bags for cameras and for waterproofing the luggage of our guests.
    • We conduct regular testing and bench-marking of life jackets to ascertain the correct buoyancy.
    • As per weather/river requirements, we provide wet suits, splash jackets, booties etc.
    • On expeditions and treks we provide two men dome tents, which are waterproof and sealed from creepy crawlies.
    • We provide suitable sleeping bags as per weather needs, and ground rubber carry mats.
    • All trips are supported by fly shelters and/or mess tents and kitchen setup. This allows lounging and dining comforts on wilderness trips even in adverse weather.
    • Kitchen/mess facilities would include tables, water dispensers, thermal casseroles/flasks, required crockery, water filters etc.
  • As per needed, we carry hand held GPS sets, walkie-talkie sets, binoculars, powerful torches/search lights.