Responsible Tourism

We believe in giving back to the community, and support a responsible and sustainable tourism approach.
Most of the regions where we operate our expeditions and tours are remote and far flung. In these areas, job opportunity is limited, people are simple and one is always greeted by their innocent and ever smiling friendly faces.

As a company we have a responsibility towards the region that we visit, and we have a responsibility towards our guests. We keep the following guidelines while operating our tours

    • When we visit remote exotic regions where these simple people are in vicinity, we always try to contribute to their economy. This is one of the ways by which we can give back to their community.
    • We hire local staff in form of porters, horsemen or even someone who can be an information resource. During establishing a base, our regular staff is instructed to stay at guest houses owned by local community. By all these means, we are able to create some improvements in the local people’s livelihood.
    • We educate and inform our guests about the beliefs and customs of the regions that we would be visiting. This helps in creating a basic code of conduct, so that we can keep the social fiber of the local people preserved.
    • We limit the number of trips that we operate in a particular region. This helps preserve the cultures and the natural resources of a region.
  • We limit our group size which we enroll for a particular trip. This ensures a more exclusive and personalized experience to our guests.