Kayaking Course Photos : 2017-2

Our second Kayaking session for beginners was a smashing success. River was still running high, and the weather was usually crisp and clear. The Kayaking session was a 04 days structured course for beginners and was conducted from 29-Sep-2017 till 02-Oct-2017.

Kayaking School on Ganges

The whitewater kayaking course was punctuated with the usual spills and thrills of this sport. The first day seemed quite tough and the instructors were apparently dismayed at the performance. However this perception rapidly changed on the subsequent days as the participants sincerely and consciously put in their level best.

We had couple of swimming guests when they experienced their first main river run, however on the second session of the river run everyone had a glorious trip.

Our participating students : Kumari Rashmi Bala, Suresh Dhiman, Arjun Paul and Puneet.

Check out few of our photos from this course.

If you wish to take up such a course too, do check out our Kayaking Course for Beginners.

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