Walk on Water

Greg Mallory had a life altering accident during skiing over a rock outcropping which broke his back. He was 25, and the accident had left him paralyzed, losing the control of his legs. Despite his life severely changed, he did not let his spirits dampen. He found a new life on the river kayaking whitewater rapids.

New Love for Whitewater Kayaking

One of the things I love about kayaking is that it takes you to stunning places and the most stunning places tend to be in remote and steep river canyons that have waterfalls. ”  

With support of his loyal friends and his own love for adventure, Greg took up whitewater kayaking. Initially worried about how he would manage swims with just the support of his arms. They had their share of spills and ending up swimming in a walled gorge with inescapable class IV whitewaters.  The experience though scary, instilled confidence that he could manage the inevitable swims. Greg now is an accomplished and well respected class V whitewater kayaker, running pretty much the same stuff as any of his fellow teammates.

When asked if he had any regrets, he states, “None so far. I guess the question might be about whether I regret jumping off that cliff. Well, of course I wish I hadn’t jumped that day. I don’t regret taking chances when I skied and the same goes with kayaking. I don’t take chances outside of my personal comfort zone, and I think that’s the best you can do if you want to enjoy the benefits that sports like skiing or kayaking offer”.

Greg had also been back to skiing. The very next winter after his accident, he had enrolled for alpine skiing lessons, skiing now on a mono ski, doing cross country skiing. He has been racing on the U.S. Ski Team for eight years and competed in two Paralympics (Torino ’06 and Vancouver ’10).

Enjoy this short film. Get inspired !

A film by Andy Maser

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Quotes/References : National Geographic blog
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